Weird behavior with estimated revenue

When I checked my Rewards page sooner today, I saw this:
Now, a few hours later, I have this:

What happened? Is this some kind of bug?

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Did you verified the wallet?

If you mean the Uphold wallet because of my previous thread, it is still not verified and therefore nothing has been sent to it for sure! :slight_smile:
The screenshots were taken today and only a few hours separate them.
I know the value is an estimation, but I clearly don’t expect an estimation to move that much in such a small amount of time.

:thinking: maybe clearing the browser cache…

Btw, how do you got 30+ bat of pending rewards? With the current ad value that seems like a lot :open_mouth:

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He doesn’t, it went back to normal, this happened to mine the other day, showed like 30 bats and then went back to like 3, it’s a weird glitch

Yeah it seemed like a lot to me too, but it really showed that.

If it’s a bug, it really should be fixed!

I don’t think its a bug, probly devs tinkering with the backend

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