Webtorrent No Sound

when I open a torrent with webtorrent to view it in the browser, the sound is disabled.
help me, please.

Thanks for reaching out.
I’m unable to reproduce the issue on my end – webtorrent works with sound as intended when streaming is initiated. I can see that it does indeed look like the icon is greyed-out in your image there – I assume it’s unresponsive when clicked?

Can you click the padlock icon in the address bar (left side) and see if you’ve (inadvertently) blocked this page from playing sound? Permissions for the site should appear in the drop-down panel after clicking the icon.

nono, i have downloaded brave days ago, i don’t have blocked websites

I would still like to see what permissions are set in the window. Additionally, I see that auto-play was blocked on the page. That shouldn’t be causing the issue you’re seeing - but it might. Worth trying to allow it to see if it helps.

It would also help to have additional information about your setup.

As soon as I can send you the picture

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