WebSocket connections limit

Hey folks!

I have an issue similar to described here: Brave loses connectivity to Coinbase Pro real-time websocket data

It only happens on Brave browser and it made me think, that maybe Brave has some additional WebSocket connections limit/throttling.

I am aware of the max 30 simultaneous connections to one domain, but I wonder if there is any limit on how many connections can be made in some time span?

I develop a website which uses WebSockets extensively and together with live reload mechanism (it reloads the page each time I make a change in the code) I end up with connecting to the external WS server many times in a short time window. After some time I see new connections being somehow blocked - in the network tab in developer tools they are always in (pending) state and never connect successfully. After some time or restarting the browser, everything goes back to normal.

Thanks in advance!

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