Websites' sidebars are not showing on Brave Browser

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Description of the issue:
For some reason, when accessing a website with a Sidebar, the sidebar doesn’t render. I tested the same scenario, in the same computer and screen on different browsers(Firefox and Chrome) and it works, only Brave doesn’t. The sidebar element exists on the page HTML, but it is not rendered for some reason.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open Brave browser on desktop.
  2. Access a website with a sidebar as a navbar, such as or

Expected result:
The website should render it’s sidebar properly, so I would be able to navigate through it.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
version 1.59.117

Additional Information:
I am using Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS.

Seems to load for me?

I tried various Shields settings and none of them seemed to break the navbar. Guessing perhaps you have an extension causing issues?

Btw, this is outdated. Current version of Brave is 1.60.118. You may want to try updating.

Hi Saoiray! Thank you for the answer!
I just updated the version to 1.60.118, and the problem persists. I noticed that you are using windows, right? Since I am using POP OS, that might be the cause of the difference.

@arthus You didn’t answer the more important thing I mentioned, which was me asking if you have any extensions

So I’m going to kind of double down on that. Are you using any extensions?

When it comes to compatibility and broken sites, the items listed below are the usual culprits

  1. Extensions. It seems 85-90% of issues people have are due to extensions.

  2. Shields settings (maybe a particular content filter, block scripts, blocking all cookies, or whatever)

  3. Changes in settings (such as Hardware Acceleration or something), including changes in brave://flags

  4. VPN/Proxy: Using these can cause issues with some sites, especially in regards to being able to login or access certain content.

So usual troubleshooting steps are:

  1. Try with Shields off

  2. Open in private window. This is because by default, extensions are set not to be active on private window. So if it works there, it means extension is your problem.

  3. Create a new browser profile and test without changing settings or adding extensions. New browser profile will use all of Brave’s default settings and no extension. The only thing that remains unchanged is it will keep any changes to brave://flags and any content filtering you have added to Shields. If it works there, main culprit is still extensions, secondary culprit is settings, third is cookies.

  4. Try with VPN/Proxy off.

  5. Download Brave Beta or Brave Nightly. If issue goes away there, then it suggests it may be something in brave://flags or content filtering. Otherwise might just be a temporary issue in chromium and tells us that it will resolve in the next update. But at least knowing if it works in one version might narrow down possibilities of what’s wrong with the version you’re having issues with.

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