Websites not working with Brave 0.19.105 (Windows10)


Just providing a quick list of websites I have noticed do not work correctly with Brave - unable to log into the site or your account - unable to log into your account or information not remembered

I will add more as I come across them, likewise if anyone else has anything then why not add your non working sites as replies?!



Hi @Vortal,

Thanks for reporting. Do you mind to try Allow all cookies via lion icon in top-right for these websites? Don’t worry, it only affect these sites and leave other sites untouched.

Also, if you have Script blocker or Fingerprinting Protection enabled for this site, try to disable it via lion icon in top right too.

And see if that can solve the issue. :slight_smile:



Hi @eljuno,

I disactivate the lion icon on, but it’s impossible to log into the site or your account.

Any solutions ?



Hi @ThibaudDfd,

Did enabling “Allow all cookies” in Cookie Settings via the lion-icon in top right resolve the issue you encounter?



After any tries, this solution doesn’t work.

ps : I have update Brave to 0.19.117


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