Websites no longer fully rendering by default

Description of the issue:
Websites no longer fully rendering by default - parts either never load or sit permanently trying to load.
I have to hit ctrl+f5 to hard refresh the page to make it fully load, but not just one time. I have to hard refresh like this every time I want to load the same page, or the same issue happens.

This just started happening this week.
Nothing on my browser has been changed or updates (extensions installed or removed).
Browser is up to date (v1.35.101)
I have cleared cache, cookies, temp files, etc.
I have tried enabling/disabling hardware accelleration.

As an example, my own website admin system (magento2) loads mostly, but the orders screen doesn’t load the orders listing - it sits with a loading swirl unless I ctrl+f5 the page - then it loads. Next time I go back to the orders screen, same issue with same fix. It is driving me mad…

On my homepage, my menu remains hidden on a default page load. ctrl+f5 will force it to render, but only the first time. Next time I page load, no menu again!

This doesn’t happen using Incognito mode. Everything works fine and as normal using Incognito mode.

I don’t know why?

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. It probably can’t?? I guess this is something on my PC but no idea what.
  2. Try my website:
  3. The menu should load (a burger menu) below the top left logo. There should also be a search box to the right of the logo.

Expected result:
Pages should fully render as normal

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:
I have done a lot of searching to try and find a clue as to the cause of this issue, and have come up with nothing (What terminology should I search for is the big question!). Some answers to other questions have been tried in case it might help, but nothing so far as resolved this. I am lost as to why this suddenly started happening? Other browsers not affected. Incognito not affected. Brave was fine last week…
Some problem screenshots:

After hard refresh:

1.) Are any extensions installed? If so, disable them.
2.) Create a completely new profile for experiment. The settings for it will be in hamburger menu. In that profile, see if rendering works properly.
3.) Considering you are on windows, download malwarebytes It is a reputable anti-virus program. Scan your device and see if it finds anything.
4.) If all above methods do not work, then put all your data on brave://settings/braveSync. Uninstall the browser and do a fresh installation. If it starts rendering normally, connect this new browser to sync chain and remove the old uninstalled browser from settings.

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Thanks for the reply, I will go ahead and try a couple of these.
My questions in the meantime regarding your answers are:

Why would disabling extensions change anything? A hard refresh renders the page properly, a standard refresh doesn’t. I don;t understand how extensions would affect this?

I already run malwarebytes, and do not have any issues. Again I wonder why this would affect normal refreshing but not hard refreshing a webpage?

Thanks for now - off to try the profile thing!

I created a new profile and things are loading normally again… so is my profile corrupted?
Is it a repairable thing, or can I transfer (probably not if corrupted), or do I have to set everything up again on a new profile?

Many thanks again.

Just adding that I thought I would try disabling extensions, and re-enabling them one at a time, and it is very strange that ending where I started (enabled extensions-wise) seems to clear the issue as well.

If someone could explain this logic to me, I would appreciate it!

How does disabling, then re-enabling extensions resolve the issue like it appears to have done?

Does disabling and re-enabling extensions modify something in the background that could have become corrupted somehow, and re-enabling them fixes that issue?

Just trying to understand the mechanism for my own benefit really :slight_smile:

@robgt It doesn’t mean your profile is corrupted, but it means it’s settings you have in it that is causing the difference. Now when going back to the other profile, it’ll be having to figure out what’s going on. I was going to ask you what your Shield settings are after reading the initial, as it sounds similar to issues I’ve had when I’ve prevented Scripts and/or Fingerprinting.

Extensions can cause all sorts of issues. For example, check out the post at Brave Browser can't load a page properly even if it doesn't use Brave Shield - #3 by Saoiray

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Hi, I have shields disabled as this is my own website, so I trust it hah hah.

I just find the extensions behaviour strange (being a developer, the logic doesn’t sit well with me). Same browser, same profile, same enabled extensions, 2 different outcomes - the starting point with the rendering issue, and the second outcome with no rendering issue after disabling, testing the browser page loading and then re-enabling 4 extensions… just seems very odd to my mind.

My inquiring mind would like to know why - but maybe there isn’t an answer :slight_smile:

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Extensions are not only just ‘extensions’ added to the browser to format some data, but they can and do format/change every single piece of data on the browser page. That is why we usually get the warning, that download and install an extension only if you trust the dev/company.

Now what happened here can be equated to the old phrase, “Just turn it off and on, it will work properly”. Eg if your TV is not working properly, you turn it off, remove the power cord, the put it back in, turn on the tv, and boom it starts working normally.

Classic technical support quote LOL

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