Websites don't load

Description of the issue: I know this a super n00b question, but here goes – I just downloaded brave and replaced firefox, safari and chrome with this browser. It’s for the obvious reasons – speed, lightness, privacy, etc., but a lot of websites I’m trying to access either show up white (unloaded?), are “403 forbidden,” or just get rejected.

I downloaded brave because I value privacy much more than accessibility, and so some of this to be expected… But there are some websites that I know are legitimate and of which I’m willing to sacrifice some privacy for to access – even if they track or monitor me.

My trackers and ad block are set to standard.

Is there a simple way to allow individual websites of my choice, access? Or vice versa – is there a simple way to let my shield down and access ONE particular website, while leaving everything else strong? I’m thinking something like a whitelist. I was thinking that maybe I could just allow a website or two, and then set the option to delete all cookies when the browser closes?
Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:

Not using a VPN and/or could you try changing between wifi/cell data? Does it help with opening various sites, does opening show?

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