Websites doesn't open correctly with shields on

The following websites break with shields on

they are missing a panel thing on the left

Lastly is there any way to block pop ups from all the websites?

there are some websites which when you click for example to the video panel to pause it, they pop up a window with an ad website.

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Was looking at this site, (disabling https everywhere) seems to work better. But refreshing the site, the left side links would show/not show. I gather it’s more of a site specific issue.

Which popups specifically on this site?


i went to the site and disabled shields, ublock, everything i have that could possibly be blocking it. i never saw a panel on the side, it was just an empty space

Oh, yes you are right! actually if you keep refresh it, at one point it will show this

maybe it’s something that has to do with chrome?
hmm, for example in Firefox, that isn’t happening.

As for the pop ups, I mean generally, I think ublock prevent them or if they open, it immediately close them.

The fact also they’re still using plain http, maybe not a well maintained website?

that’s true. This website has the same style since 2006. Many government websites are old.

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