Websites aren't loading, Streaming not working well, either

Can’t get a number of websites to open, others, it takes a while, and I’ve hardly got any open windows. Also had a near-impossible time trying to stream a webinar, kept freezing every few minutes, despite having a fast internet connection (60/70 Mbps). What is going on?

On a Macbook Pro, with 16 GBs of RAM, High Sierra OS, and the most updated Brave.

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Aren’t you actively involved in another thread, experiencing high cpu and memory usage?

Maybe related to that?

Do you have any extensions installed?
Hardware acceleration setting is?

This is a different computer, and I’m not having the same issues, this is about websites not opening, not high RAM & CPU Usage…

Can you please be more specific about which sites are the ones that are causing issues for you?

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