website/YouTube don't have content


I just opened search random page and write random words. And see lot good content from website/YouTube. But I find few website/YouTube without any content I mean 0 content. Like YouTube with 0 video and website without any post, article,or etc. My question web/YouTube like that deserve a reward?

Sorry for bad English :grinning::grin:


what is this suspicious website?


U can check on every new website/yotube verify.


Hi @Sate2,

Thanks for reaching out! CC’ing my colleague @Asad who can better assist.

Thanks again!


Thanks for writing in and letting us know. Accounts with no content, etc. will most certainly be suspended :slight_smile:


Hi Asad. I don’t want to say that.
I got on sometime I checked on there.

I have blog I rent hosting, I edited my web and make posting everyday. the purpose of brave and bat is to support publishers (real)?