Website page links are not loading

I am having trouble getting any pages on websites to open.
If I click on and then try to open a sub page they will not open
Here is one example
the main web page

then I try to open this page and it never loads

Reproduces how often: all the time now

**Operating System windows
brave version 1.39.111 chromium 102.0.500.61

Additional Information:

Investigating, thanks for the report @kdsprocket

This should fix it, give it 24hrs for the update to roll out.

Same issue here, except on win 10, whenever it has to go somewhere through a redirection it will start loading infinitely (regardless of the domain), currently on the latest version 1.40.105.
If I however manually reload the page while it’s stuck trying to load, or I click the urlbar and press enter, it will load the page instantly.
This is with brave shields globally disabled fyi.
It is very repeatable as it does so basically every time, uninstalling reinstalling brave did not fix it either

@v0id9 can you test a flag, brave://flags/#enable-prerender2 enable and restart Brave. Does that help?

Yea that seems to have done the trick, it was set to default though, does that mean by default that is disabled?

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