Website opening Ad tabs on click

My “completely legitimate” website for reading comics has been able to open new tabs with advertisements every few clicks/taps while interacting with the website. This persists across my android and windows versions.


  1. Open which now redirects to
  2. Interact with the website, normally the first pop-up will occur after 3-5 clicks.
  3. Closing the new tab means another one will appear quickly. Leaving the tab open seems to delay the opening of the new one.
    This occurs 100% of the time

I have Pop-ups and redirects blocked on both mobile and desktop. The website continues working but the content stops appearing when scripts are disabled, I’m not sure if that’s related to the ads at all.

I’m operating Brave v. 1.40.107 on Windows 10 and Brave 1.35.101 on Android 11.

Help is appreciated, thank you.

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