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I have Notifications enabled on various websites on this browser yet I have only seen one pop up. Again the notifications are enabled but they really aren’t showing up. Help?

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I you’re on Windows 10, can you see the following topic:

Or can you try going to to get first notifications to show.

Okay i checked my notification settings on windows 10 and brave was turned on.

Did you go to

Sorry for the super late reply, I went to the website and its notifications did pop up.

any other website doesn’t have their notifications pop up.

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Can you give some more context to the issue you’re encountering. When you say you don’t get notifications. Is this in relation to Brave showing you ads via Brave Rewards? Or are you just referring to all sites in general not showing you ads?

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I’m referring to sites like gmail, calendar, twitter, Reddit, etc. Sites like those had notifications pop up almost all the time back when i used chrome. On brave, I have notifications enabled on all of these sites and they don’t show up.

How do I fix this? Is there something I need to enable?

Can you try allowing site notifications for each site.
e.g. go to twitter > click on the lock icon to the left of the address bar > go to site settings

Once you’re in the site settings > change the notifications from ask to allow

I already had them like this, the problem is the notifications aren’t showing up.

I’ve seen somewhere that i should re-download brave, but i’m not so sure, maybe there’s something else i need to disable/enable besides notifications

Update: Turns out if i have a tab open, notifications pop up.

sorry for the late add on. but again, when I have the site open, notifications open no problem. But when the sites are closed no notifications show up. Yes i have notifications enabled on them. I still don’t know what’s causing it, the bennish site was the only one that sent notifications

You can’t receive a notification from something that is not open. If a tab is closed you won’t receive a notification.

Is there a way that you can recieve those notifications without opening a tab or is that just how it works?

You could try opening the tab in a different window and minimising it.

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