Website not rendered correctly when using iOS Brave Browser

Website URL:

Description of the issue: The website only has its CSS loaded and showed a CSS defined background color blank page, no visible DOM element is rendered, when using Brave Mobile Browser (version: 1.61.1 ( ). However, the website is served correctly with Brave Desktop Browser (version: 1.61.120) and with its devtools mobile simulator.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open the website with Brave Mobile Browser (version: 1.61.1 ( ) on iOS devices.

Expected result: The website should be rendered properly just as it does with the Brave Desktop Browser.

Brave Version: iOS, version: 1.61.1 (

Mobile Device details: iPhone X, iOS version 16.1.1

Additional Information: The issue still persist even with all shields and tracker features switched off.

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