Website loads to white page, need a fix


There’s a website that loads to a white page and I cannot seem to fix it. It used to work but hasn’t for several weeks, yet works fine in chrome/firefox. I have everything setup in brave and would love not having to do a reinstall.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks


You can try disabling your Brave shields for this website and seeing if that helps it load. Perhaps the shields are blocking certain elements (like an essential root element) from loading. How: In the top right corner of your browser, press the lion icon and disable shields after landing on the site. This should refresh the page without the shields enabled. (If not, manually refresh and ensure the site-specific shields are disabled.)

And, just to be sure, this occurs for a specific website and not for Brave in general, right? :slight_smile: If you don’t mind sharing, paste the URL to the site here so we can see if we can reproduce on our ends! Thanks!

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