Website issue for a specific Website mainly a video issue

For some reason when I use the brave browser and go to the website , When I login all the videos automatically pop up at the forefront of the browser for some reason is not formatted properly please fix. Keep in mind this is for iOS in my phone is currently running iOS 15.3

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I don’t think you can show your screenshot. I’ll show you mine. I have the problem where video from rokfin. com will always indicate an error.

It’s not a “live stream”, either. At one time it was.

I checked other streams, seems to work. some were labelled “premium” which they didn’t pay since I don’t have an account I presume.

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Talking to me? Strange. None work on my browser with default settings and I’m a Member if Rokfin. Thank you. There’s an app for Rokfin…useless! Worst app, I swear.

Try different streams, and then clear the privacy data and restart the browser. Also disconnect from a vpn if connected.

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I shut off “Block Fingerprinting” and now video plays. Guess they must know what device I’m using.

Thank You for helping, fanboyz!

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