Website is able to open pop-up tabs on IOS mobile

This website(s) uses ads that open a new tab anywhere you click on the screen. They all are just mirror images of each other with different urls.

Can’t screenshot, the ads are invisible and take up the whole screen

Yes, default shields are on

Acts exactly the same with shields off

Haven’t tried any other shields configs

Exactly the same on chrome

Version 1.36 ( IOS 15.0

Have you tried upgrading Brave iOS to version 1.37?

Also, the latest iOS is 15.4.1.

I have now updated both the app and my phone and the pop-ups still persist. I would like to add this has been a long standing issue on this site. I normally watch at home where I have a Wi-Fi wide ad-blocker running on a pi which blocks the pop-ups. I just find myself watching a lot outside of the house now and so now I have nothing blocking the pop-ups.

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