Website content blocked - Ajax and cookie Pop up

Dear all,

Our website is facing several problems with brave browser. The cookie pop up is not shown in the default settings and therefore page is grayed out and functionalities are blocked.


The second issue we face is that our listings via ajax are blocked and not presented on the website. Please check:

How can we enable a great user experience for people using brave?

Thank you in advance

Give it 24hrs.

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Thank you. Very nice that it has been so easy to do.

@fanboynz and ajax content on our page is blocked. Why it is considered as ad? We do not have ads on our page :slight_smile:

Where? Link to the page weÔÇÖre apprently blocking

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@fanboynz Thank you for the fast answer.

And language extensions for german:

and language extension for romanian:

When possible to enable ajax for all subdomains would be perfect.

Thank you

That specific tracker, the rest are blocked.

Embedded many google services will insert trackers, which can be blocked without breaking the site. (Not new filters either)

Look screenshot in chrome and in brave. Problem is that adblocker is triggered by our ajax listings:

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