Website blocking me for using adblocker


When using Brave on an Android tablet and I visit I get a pop up window saying that I must disable adblocker before I can read the pages, which obviously defeats the purpose of using Brave.

Is there a way of avoiding this? Can it be fixed? Thank you

When I visit the same website in the desktop computer with uBlock I don´t have that problem, I can read the pages without adverts.

I don´t have Brave installed in my desktop computer, I don´t know if this is related to only Android or not.


I wasn’t able to reproduce this on my Lenovo Android tablet. Could you take a screenshot of it and share. Also are you on the latest version of Brave on your Android device?

cc: @Serg


I have now fixed this by telling Brave to block scripts on the site and I am no longer blocked or get any warning.





Closing the thread as the issue is fixed. Please open a new thread if you encounter similar issue

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