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Hey guys,

Can we please have a feature to block specified websites on android?



Interesting idea @Aimon - could you provide some additional detail as to what you’re looking for?



Hey Lauren,

As a brave user i want to be able to enter a list of URL’s i don’t want to navigate to so that i can keep productive and safe on the web.

My use case is not spend time on timesucking sites like facebook but there are other use cases for addiction recovery etc.

I could add these sites to a list in settings and have a message of “page blocked” show when i try to navigate there.


Thanks for the explanation @Aimon!

I’ve added a request for this feature here:



I’d like to second this. I use Brave on desktop and Android. On desktop I use the Domain Blocker extension, but as the Android version of Brave doesn’t support extensions yet I can’t do the same on mobile.


Built-in extension kind of like:


A white list of allowed sites would be the most effective, with password protection. :slight_smile:

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