Website "BleepingComputer"'s text get's cut off in the address bar

Description of the issue:
On both my iPhone 6s and iPod Touch 6th Generation when navigating to, the text in the address bar seems to get cut off so it only reads as “”. Other sites seems to work fine. At least the sites I frequent.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go on your iOS Device
  2. Open Brave
  3. Go to
  4. Observe the text that is showed in the Address Bar

Expected result:
That the full URL, or at least as much of the URL that can be displayed, is shown in the address bar. Like “…”

Brave Version( check About Brave):
iPhone 6s - 1.15 (
iPod Touch 6th Gen - 1.15 (

Mobile Device details
iPhone 6s running iOS 13.3
iPod Touch 6th Gen running iOS 12.4.4

Additional Information:
iPhone 6s Screenshot:
iPod Touch 6th Gen Screenshot:

I am not sure if this is an issue with my config or not, I have everything I believe stock except for the browser (I have it set to DuckDuckGo) and enabling Fingerprint protection. But when I downloaded the Beta version for iOS and having pretty much the same settings, I do not get the issue with “BleepingComputer” being cut off in the Address Bar.
For Beta, Brave version is: 1.15(

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