Website Blacklist

Please add a Website Blacklist feature. (With the ability to import & export the Blacklist to share with friends, family, etc.)

Give Brave on Android the ability to use Extensions and use already existing Blacklist scripts!

There are lots of “dodgy” websites out there trying to scam us and I would like to block those which I come across, then have the Blacklist synced between my phone, tablet, and laptop.

One such website I ran across today is - which fills search engines with hits to their fake forum. The sole purpose is to scam users into handing over their credit-card number to download a “Free” copy of the document/manual they are searching for. Each fake discussion is the same with the name of the document being grafted from the URL and filled into the computer generated discussion. The discussion of course has several “posts” from “users” (which of course do not exist as the forum isn’t even real) who recommend the website it links to and assure readers that it’s totally not a scam and 100% legit & trusted! :face_vomiting:

This is exactly the type of site I would like to Blacklist so that I don’t have to run into it again.

My router block-list is full, but if I’m out of my house I would not have the router to block those sites anyway, so a browser-based Blacklist is necessary to keep users safe.

Maybe add the domain into brave://adblock as an option here