WebRTC issues (if I'm wording correctly) deprecated code has caused instability on older sites yet to update!

Description of the issue:
Since mediastream changes, the site Tinychat.com has been broken; this has been for approximately a month. When a user broadcasts and stops, they leave a camera trail (black box). This box is removed if they close connection however won’t if they just start/stop broadcast.
This has thus far from what I seen affected Chrome first, Opera next and FireFox has yet to make the update (making it one of the only to work at the moment but it’s horrible).

To sum it up, forced deprecation occurred and its left the site in a crappy situation.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.
With any updated browser, go to a random room on TinyChat (or an instant room); Camera up on a second computer/phone and end broadcast and start it. Each repeat makes a new black-box for the viewers of this scenario.

The only way the trailing does not occur is if the user leaves the room when cammed up.

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):
If needed but the deprecated code may suggest more than a picture could.

Expected result:
When a user stops broadcast their camera does not leave a black-box anymore, it clears properly like how it did before the update. If an option could be present for old RTC version or something, to fix this problem that’d be grand.

Reproduces how often:
So often, and there’s no signs of an update yet from TinyChat.

Any questions ask, I do like use the browser, and would just love for the support I had a while back and if sites have updated the proper support for those as well (backward compatibility or a bypass for it).

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