Webrtc ip leak Ios 11


I’m running Ios 11 beta 8 and I encounter a big ip leak when I use my Vpn. Do you will upgrade Brave to fix this major privacy problem.
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Hi @roberto,

Did you enable fingerprinting protection via lion icon in top right for per site settings or via setting for global settings?

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Thank to your reply eljuno, yes I’ve enabled fingerprinting protection.
But It’s a Webrtc ip leak because Apple has implemented it in ios 11
Which has nothing to do with fingerprint.
So most of browsers are leaking your personnal ip over the vpn : Firefox Focus, Brave, Dolphin, Opera , Yandex , Google (beuark!)
I’ve found only 3 browser which doesn’t leak
Safari (with an option checked in settings : (advanced-experimental features- remove legacy Webrtc API)
All others are leaking …


Please , if some guys read these messages , could u help me about this question:
is the future ios version of Brave will fix the webrtc ip leak problem that we encounter with IOS 11 ?
Thank you by advance


Hi @roberto

WebRTC protection is not available in UIWebView as per comment below and it does block on iOS 10.

I have logged an issue for this to be investigated for iOS 11. Please track the issue here


Thank you very much Sriram , have a nice day :o)

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