Webroot flags Brave.exe as a virus and deletes it



Hi, yesterday Brave needed to be updated on my Windows machine, I did the update and then Webroot flagged it up as a virus:

Infection detected: c:\users[username]\appdata\local\brave\brave.exe [W32.Worm.Gen]
File blocked in realtime: c:\users[username]\appdata\local\brave\brave.exe [W32.Worm.Gen]

Webroot automatically deleted brave.exe so I uninstalled Brave via ‘Add remove programs’ and then tried to reinstall with a new installer from brave.com only to have the exact same problem happen.

Does the latest brave.exe contain a virus?? A bit worrying if so, or has Webroot incorrectly started to flag brave.exe up as a virus? And if that’s the case why would that be?

A search on Twitter indicates there are a few other users in the same situation as me with Brave + Webroot.


This happened to me too. Brave was still there, but the icon for the browser was deleted. I had to do a system restore on my PC in order to get brave back to the way it was.


Brave doesn’t contain any virus. It could be due to aggressive blocking by Webroot. Could you try adding Brave to whitelist in Webroot and check if it resolves the issue


This just happened to me too. Open Webroot and click on the setting icon next to PC security, then click on block/allow files. It should show brave.exe being blocked so click allow. Now just redownload and install. All your browser data should still be there because webroot only deletes the brave.exe file. I wasted a whole bunch of time restoring my computer before I realized this.


360 Total Security marked it 3 times. Once as malware and twice as a trojan.


Cheers for the tips druegun, it’s on my work laptop and I don’t have access to update Webroot’s settings, I’ll see if I can get it whitelisted.

On re-install (before it gets zapped again) I can see that all my bookmarks etc are still there so that’s good.

Surprising that Webroot and by the sounds of it other anti-virus tools would be so unaware as to class it as a virus - it would be good to hear their thoughts.


You would need to add Brave to whitelist similar to Webroot. This is due to aggressive blocking by the Antivirus software.


@bigfanofthis @orangemario @druegun will be closing the issue as adding Brave to whitelist is working. Do open a new thread if the issue surfaces again.

Thanks for the help @druegun

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