Webpage API calls get blocked

Description of the issue:
An angular2 project is browsable to Brave desktop but no to Brave mobile. When disable the brave shield is working. (src of page - https://github.com/pipiscrew/angular2_small_prjs/tree/master/angular8_with_php_canactivate_%2B_retain_PHPSessionCookie)

Steps to Reproduce :
1. Launch Brave
2. Visit https://pipiscrew.com/an/login/ click ‘Go to admin’ or ‘Go to users’ is doing nothing (doing a web call). You can click also ‘Login’ and press ‘Submit’ doing a web call. Site is frozen.

Reproduces how often:

Brave Version : v1.0.71

Reproducible on current live release (yes/no):
Dont know

Additional information:
androidOS v7.0

If you allow all cookies, does that help?

Once I turned off the “Block 3rd party cookies” worked.

BUT now, I cant reproduce what I described @ 1st post, even this option is on to off.

to verify @
I close all tabs, I went to privacy > clear browsing data > clear data with ‘all time’. I close the browser completely and restart the app, the shields are active.

cant reproduce what I described @ 1st post. totally strange.

Yeah, I suspected the cookies would be an issue

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