Webpage and Blog Connection also Socialmedia Connections like the own YouTube Channel

Hi Brave Team,

am have a youtube, twitter and other socialmedia channels, how exactly am can kople this channels with my brave creators and publisher accont to referal new Brave Browser user and get income shares from my fans?

Am search Video Tutorials but there isn´t any videos to watch it.Also am have Websites and Blogs, but with a subdomain for example:


and so on …

So am like to koppel this Subdomain Free Pages Websides with my Brave Reward, Publisher and Creator Account to earn BATs for all my fans and new Brave Browser Users.

Also am like doing the next time a new Domain with all news from Blockchain, Kryptos and Tokens and like kopple it also with my BATs Account.How am can kopple a Squarespace Webpage?

Am search Video Tutorials to can handle it easylie.

Video Tutorials for example on YouTube or Vimeo or your Brave Browser Blog. Am a Blogger at the moment with subdomains from jimdo and wordpress, in the next time am will buy me a real domain but the first time am like blogging and writing about my topics only with free webpage builder and wordpress subdomain Blog. So am have not a own Domain.Am like connect my Domains with “.jimdo.com” and “.wordpress.com”, also my Social Channels like Twitter and YouTube.

Thanks a lot for this tutorial to know how am can set my webpages and blogs for the Brave and BAT Token Earning Program as a creator.

Thank you for your Help.

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