WebKit in Android update possibly messing up browser?

Hello. Recently I have updated both brave android and the webview kit for Android and not sure if one or the other is slowing the browser while on wifi or data connection. I’m on android7.0.1 g k20 plus Android metro pcs. Thank you.

Are you running Brave 1.0.88? Do you see the same sluggishness on Chrome as well? Does clearing cache speed up the browser again?

Hello. I’m currently working on the current browser for Android. Just updated both brave and the webview kit recently during the week.I’m on android Metro pcs LG k20 plus7.0.1. Thanks.

cc: @Serg or @Alexey for more info

Hello @Hamburger6 ,

Webview is not used by Brave.

How is the slowdown expressed? Is there specific web site you see the effect? Some other circumstances?


i was also looking for similar sort of issue related to my 10.0 0.2 IP. thanks all for your replies helped me .
thanks again!!!

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