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hi guys

can brave devs do something to stop the script that detect the GPU and OS ?
check out http://webkay.robinlinus.com/

also to block redirects …some sites have that aggressive ads …when you visit a site the main tab is redirect to an AD site and the main site that you wanna visit is open in a new tab or window . In firefox is a addon that block pop ups and redirects can Brave have those ?

thank you


The issue is related to fingerprint protection. As of Now, brave doesn’t fully protect you from fingerprinting as Tor Browser but I guess you might find this interesting :


I use the Brave PC version -windows 7- … the info regarding cpu and gpu/screen resolution is because of Chromium engine that brave is based …but firefox don’t offer the GPU info (that’s a plus) .
Anyway maybe in the next version they will remove/ block that


If anything this issue will probably only get worse due to the team moving Brave from Muon and Chromium, to just Chromium but maybe that detection is a configurable part of Chromium. On the website as well, it’s stated that the fix to most of these things is blocking scripts which Brave can do without the need for an extension.

I do find two things very worrying though for Brave: @eljuno @laurenwags

  1. Robin’s website is able to find my location via the google maps API without having brave ask for my permission which is a bit confusing as it’s never not asked me (I never let google see my location :wink: ).
  2. Also I visited the site originally with my normal Fingerprinting settings (block 3rd party) but then tried with Block all and was disappointed to find it didn’t change anything.
    a. When I click Block All Scripts, a web page breaks because Brave is blocking all those scripts it uses. It’s awesome and does as it says. While I wouldn’t use it often, it still does as advertised.
    b. I wouldn’t mind so much if turning on block all fingerprinting tore through a site, as long as it at least does as advertised. A Block All Fingerprinting button that doesn’t let you block yourself from fingerprinting is a bit confusing for the end user.

Also to @BOB-vagene as well, Brave will soon be implementing Tor tabs in the browser, and I’m interested in seeing how these tabs do against the actual Tor Browser. Are you a heavy user of Tor? If so, and you’re not already, you should join the discord in case the devs ever need to run a test candidate by someone with experience.


This isn’t going to happen any sooner I guess since they heavily depend on chromium engine.


Yup. I use Tor daily. One of the reasons are that it shares Firefox code/engine which can be highly optimised. Tor is already built to be private but due to its optimising capabilities, a user can make it more close shelled & more private, which is what I love about Tor.


JavaScript is the key! Disabling it would disable most of the fingerprinting part. However, disabling JScript would cause a lot of trouble to a common user as most of the sites depend on JavaScript. Sites like Facebook, YouTube or Amazon or even PayPal, they wouldn’t function without JavaScript.

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