Webcams not working in Chrome

I have an issue across multiple Windows devices with Chrome not being able to access webcams.

This issue is apparent with every computer in our office (all Windows 10 running stable release of Chrome). Hardware is various manufacturers and it has been tried with internal and external cameras.

The camera is functional in other apps and works on other browsers (for example would show a video stream in Edge or Firefox, but not in Chrome). This first became apparent with Google Meet, which we use a lot.

We’ve tried clearing caches, alternative cameras,s and removing plugins. None have an effect.

@PatrickClukey You are speaking about Chrome, Chromium, or Brave? Keep in mind this is a support forum for Brave and you are speaking about Chrome, which is a different browser. Just want to make sure we have some clarity on this.

If you are speaking about Brave, can you confirm:

  • Which version of Brave is being used on the devices?

  • Have you made sure that permissions have been given to access the camera?

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