Web to PDF problem

Hi, I love this browser!!!
It is the browser with the most settings and features that I have ever tried.
I am writing to you because I have noticed a problem when I use the function to transform a web page into a pdf file.
If the page is too large and full of images, the pdf file that is created does not contain all the images, but has empty spaces corresponding to the missing images.
I use the latest version of the browser on Apple IPhone 7 with iOS 15.7.5.
My best regards

I tried with other websites and works perfectly even with very large pages full of images.
My problem, perhaps, concerns only some protected Internet sites.
They are Internet sites that no browsers allows me to copy or print. The only thing that seems to work is to open the websites with the Safari reading mode (which keeps all the images) and then save in PDF.
Can this browser do it?
This is an example page:

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