Web pages become unclickable and keep randomly showing "asking to send notifications" prompts

I am not sure how to reproduce this bug, as it happens randomly whenever I’m just browsing. It can happen when visiting any website. The page gets loaded and rendered and links and other clickable content become unclickable right after.

I expected to be able to interact normally with any web pages, but what happens is that they become unclickable and I can’t interact with anything on them.


Any extensions enabled?

Does it happen if you try a Private window and browse for a while?

Yes, I have extensions enabled, but since I have tried disabling them and the problem persisted, I didn’t mention it. This bug doesn’t seem to happen in private windows, but even so, things should work normally without the need to resort to this feature, right?
However, I suspect this problem has to do with Chromium, since the bug happens with all installed browsers here, except Firefox. Besides Firefox, I’ve got Brave, Opera GX, Edge and Vivaldi.

Oh, ok. Yes, if you’re seeing it in multiple browsers then it could be one of two sources:

  • Malware
  • Antimalware :slight_smile: or some other security software

That’s all that immediately comes to mind. Have you been using Brave for previous versions as well, and if so, did it happen with all of them? Or just the latest?

This probably has happened with the browser’s latest version, and it also seems plausible that this is a case of malware. I ran Malwarebytes and it got rid of some threats, but it doesn’t seem to have gotten rid of whatever is causing the current issue.

Looks like the problem was related to a possibly malicious extension. Not sure if the extension in question is still installed, but the web pages’ “unclickability” and recurrent notification prompting seem to have stopped. I’ve checked for suspicious processes running in my OS with the help of a software called Autoruns and was able to find something called “paon.exe”, which looked suspicious enough. After removing the .exe file along with the entire folder where it was located, which didn’t seem related to any important piece of software in my machine, the problem I was struggling with minimized to a warning window related to a failed extension loading process in all affected browsers (Edge, Brave, Opera GX and Vivaldi). Firefox keeps working flawlessly, as the others are now perfectly usable, aside from the warning window issue.

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I’m also having the same issue with Brave for the past couple of weeks. Has your issues been solved completely?

issue 1 : webpages like messenger, instagram are unclickable when left for more than 5mins or so.

issue 2 : frequent “asking to send notification” pop ups which btw don’t look like the browsers pop up UI.

** issue 3 :** haven’t faced currently but before I web pages used to get stuck and there was a faint text in the background of the pages which was only clicklable and redirects to random youtube videos.

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Hey there, Allen.

Aside from the warning window when I boot up the affected browsers, I didn’t experience any other problems.

I suggest you try tracking down whatever software might be causing this in your system with Autoruns. This guide on how to do it worked for me: https://blog.emsisoft.com/en/31002/basics-manual-malware-identification-removal/

Autoruns has a feature that allows you to thoroughly check if each and every tracked element is potentially malicious, then you can take appropriate measures yourself after identifying the suspicious elements. I sincerely hope it helps you as much as it did help me.

Hey Adriel.

I finally found the culprit causing this. The google sheet extension which kept installing automatically was the infected one.

Location :
1. Go to : C:\Users\pro series\AppData\Local\Packages\Paon\v1-5\addon
2. Delete file named : Manifest

Once I remove the extension from the file location, it also got rid of the problems with browsers unclickable & annoying popups :+1:

*And now I get the same pop error as you while opening the browser for the first time.

And yea thanks about the autoruns, didn’t help that much but eliminated some suspicious files using it. Also thanks to Malwarebytes which scanned and removed hidden trojans immediately for free.


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