Web page goes blank after scrolling too far down

Using Version 0.62.51 Chromium: 73.0.3683.103 (Official Build) (64-bit) on macOS 10.12.6.

I was reading a web page, and as I scrolled (to a video, I think) the page went totally blank. I could not scroll back up to see the previous content.

Reloading the page brought back the page, but the problem was repeatable - scroll down and it goes blank again.

This page works fine in Firefox (recent build).

Update: It also happens with current Brave version, (Version 0.63.55 Chromium: 74.0.3729.131 (Official Build) (64-bit))

Whoa. I’ve never seen that before, @richb-hanover! Behavior replicated on Version 0.63.55 Chromium: 74.0.3729.131 (Official Build) (64-bit) macOS Mojave 10.14.4 MacBook Air 13" mid-2015. Also in latest Beta (Version 0.65.88 Chromium: 74.0.3729.131 (Official Build) beta (64-bit))

However, it works fine in Nightly on the same machine (0.67.2 Chromium: 74.0.3729.131 (Official Build) nightly (64-bit)). I’m updating my Dev install to check it.

The site specified is an infinite-scroll site, so I’m thinking 63.55 is barfing on the css or other code that implements the infinite-scroll. Does not happen on facebook.com, linkedin.com, Pinterest.com or deviantart.com, though I logged in for the first three and not inc.com.

@richb-hanover, I’ve been running Nightly without incident for … months? It’s not hard to copy your settings and such to the new version if you want to try it. Or you could wait for them to fix it.

It doesn’t happen in Dev Version 0.64.40 Chromium: 74.0.3729.61 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)
or Dev Version 0.66.60 Chromium: 74.0.3729.131 (Official Build) dev (64-bit), so the Chromium underpinning would seem not to be the culprit; rather, this suggests to my non-coder eye that something was “fixed” between 63.55 and 64.40.

I actually have seen this before. I believe we have an issue for this (or sites like it) on our web compatiblity board – will try to find the issue for it shortly.

The sum of it is: they’re kind of being jerks. Essentially, the site is running a script that’s checking to see if you have a particular [cookie, probably] was set when you land on the homepage. If not, when you go to view an article – you’re only allowed to read up to some predefined point, after which the site is “unmounted”.

To see a bit of this in action - visit an article on the site, open the Shields panel and set Scripts control to Block all scripts (also note all the ads/trackers hidden inside the scripts, scary!). Notice that the site will now load, but only to the “allowed” place on the page.

I haven’t seen a site with this issue in a while so I think I assumed the issue was addressed. I’ve reached out to a few team members for clarification. The rather unfortunate workaround is to drop Shields or allow ads/trackers for the site. Hope to have more information for you soon.

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@Mattches Wow, so it’s like the paywall sites in that respect? Or the ones that detect we use ad blockers and put up a dialog/screen asking us to whitelist their sites?

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I’m not sure if it’s quite the same behavior – but from a conceptual stand point, yes. I think there’s a decent parallel there.

We’re currently working on better Shields web compatibility and, more specifically, better detection on the user’s end so that they can be better informed about what the issue may be (and, subsequently, so will we).

Cool! It’s nice to see that it can be replicated, and that the behavior seems to be fixed in a dev version.

Since I don’t go to that site often, and was able to read that particular article in FF, I’ll just wait 'til the dev version becomes official, and Presto! It’ll work. Thanks for checking into this.

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My pleasure – thank you for your support!