Web incompatibility. Design flaw IMHO


So this is my second post.
I read all the step as per template instructions and noticed that Brave staff does not read that info, so I will not bother this time.
I will begin by saying that I really want to like the browser. It is fast, and nowadays every site tries to suck u dry of your info, so the extra privacy is mostly welcome.
But i went to IMDB.com and wanted to see a trailer. It did not load. I went to shield settings, 22 trackers and co. blocked. Now how should I know which one of those elements is my video source ? and what happens if the URL is different for the next trailer? or the next multimedia content on my other websites?
Who among 99% of web browser users do you even think know what a URL is or how to fiddle around the shield setting ? and the suggestion to simply turn it off if the website is not working is really taking a piss against everything that Brave claims to stand for.
Quite a bitter aftertaste.
Please let me know if your attitude is “we did our best, like it or not” so it will spare us both some time, I can leave now at peace.