Web Discord Refuses To Load In Brave Web Browser After Allowing Your Webcam & Microphone, Refreshing The Page



I tried to talk to the official Discord Twitter account, and I had received a reply back to me saying that it is no use.

My operating system that I am using is: Windows 10 Home 64-Bit

Steps to reproduce this problem:

  1. Go to discordapp.com, and click on the open button if you are already signed-in (you must have a registered account on there.)
  2. Click on User Settings, it’s the gear icon on the bottom, once clicked on, click on Voice & Video, scroll down to Video Settings, and click on the allow this webcam link, when Brave asks you to allow the webcam and microphone, go ahead and click on allow, and then refresh the web page after that.
  3. You will now see that after doing this, Web Discord now refuses to connect under the Brave web browser, and the reply on my twitter post is saying that you must use either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera, and then I replied to them on this Twitter post with: if you do not do tell the Web Discord to configure the webcam and microphone under the Brave web browser, then Web Discord loads just fine?

This should not happen at all.

Thank you very much.

  • Shahrooz Fermani

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