Web compatibility with jaws

hi, when using jaws 2018 or 2020, i have found the following. when a dialogue box is presented, jaws only repeats the “ok” button. if the virtual cursor is used, jaws can read “brave says:” and then the message. you then have to go back to the normal cursor in order to activate the button. could brave be made to speak the actual content of the dialogue? it might be worth noting, that this happens with any chrome based browser. the other thing i would like to see is brave being able to have custom labels assigned to graphics. currently, i have a bufalo linkstation nas device. when shutting down, or disconnecting a usb device for example, the server asks for a series of four numbers. these range from “0” o “9”. they are presented in four pictures. brave will repeat these as “graphic number_1” “graphic number_2” and so on. i can get someone with sight to tell me what these numbers are, but they are generated randomly, so there is no way to know the next time, what these are. in internet explorer, for example, a custom label could be assigned using jaws, so eventually, all numbers had a label assigned to them. that way, no matter what combination of numbers appeared, jaws would recognise them. what i am suggesting, is that could some sort of label be created with brave, that would allow a particular graphic on a particular web site mean something specific? that way, when jaws encounters that picture on my server, it will always say “1” “2” or whatever the number is. however, should the same graphic be detected on another web site, it would revert back to normal behaviour. this way, a particular web site could be customised to the blind user’s preference. sorry if this is rambling, but it is hard to put into words what i mean, unless you could actually see it. thanks, pat.

I can check website issues (if there is one?) Maybe something to ask Jaws devs to take a look at? @murphypatrick42

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