Web address not popping up

Description of the issue:
Web addresses of sites created by WIX not loading on Brave, www.mtnspirit.nz, and www.sailwanaka.nz not loading. and error message “Aw Snap, Something went wrong while displaying this webpage”. I Followed directions to open in private window, but that didn’t work, so I didn’t follow Clear Cache instructions…
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. www.mtnspirit.nz

Expected result:
Page shows up. It does show up in Firefox

Brave Version( check About Brave):
newest, just downloaded

Additional Information:
Followed directions to open in private window, but that didn’t help.
Website produced by WIX. My WIX dashboard DOES show up OK, just not the live versions of www.mtnspirit.nz, or www.sailwanaka.nz

Turn off the shield and It would work @mattches would see to it a fix may be made possible with shield on. @fanboynz

Wow the site is large as a developer, that site is large to load. 16MB. try cloudinary.com to help with the images and optimize size and quality

Thanks for the advice about optimization of the site! Shows you what I know about that stuff. Were you referring to both sites being too large or just one?
Where do I turn off “the shield” you mentioned?

click the brave Icon in the browser

Got it…found the Shield On/Off button.

Okay the issue is because of a certain script that loads;

I guess if this script is quite popular, may need to remove the block. But I’ve whitelisted for the time being. Give it 24-48hrs for the update to show.

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