Weather widget/overview isn't showing up when searching for it in german

Hi y’all,

really just a tiny UX improvement that at I encounter every day:

When searching for the weather forecast in german (e.g. “Wetter Berlin” = eng: “Weather Berlin”) the weather widget/overview from openweathermap isn’t showing up. I always have to type it in english instead to see it at first glance.

Maybe its the same for other languages? Anyhow, I would be super happy if this would work for german as well :slight_smile:


@weltraum I just tried to replicate this issue and there doesn’t seem to be a problem for me. Can you verify it’s still an issue?

As you can see, I typed in Wetter Berlin and it showed the weather widget/overview.

thats funny, I use brave on win10 and mac os with apple sillicon, and on both platforms its not working.

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