We Want Brave - open-source Bash script that automates the Brave installation for Debian-based Linux systems

Hi everyone!

I would like to share a Bash script that I wrote, which automates the Brave installation for Debian-based Linux systems.

I use a variety of Debian-based distros including Kali and Parrot on a regular basis. When I first tried installing Brave on those systems, I ran into a bunch of issues (especially on Kali). I did some research and learned that other users on this forum and in other communities were having difficulty installing Brave on certain distros as well. When I finally discovered a reliable way of installing Brave, I decided to write a Bash script that automates this process. This in order to make Brave browser more accessible to the (Debian-based) Linux community. I have called my little creation “We Want Brave,” because I hope that people could contribute suggestions and code to make it compatible with as many Linux distros as possible, including non-Debian systems. Of course not everything has to be crammed into one script. Instead, there could be range of scripts tailored to specific distros. In any case, I have successfully tested We Want Brave on the following distros:

  • Debian
  • Kali
  • Parrot Home
  • Parrot Security
  • Ubuntu

TL; DR I wrote We Want Brave, a Bash script that automates the Brave installation for Debian-based Linux systems. It works on Debian, Kali, Parrot Home, Parrot Security and Ubuntu. It may work on other Debian-based systems as well.

We Want Brave is available on my GitHub. Please try it out and share it with others. Suggestions, feedback and contributions are more than welcome.
p.s. If anyone happens to like this enough to reward it with a BAT tip, you can find the link to my website on my GitHub.


Nice script!

By the way, you can now verify your GitHub account on https://creators.brave.com and so Brave users can tip you without leaving GitHub.

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Thanks, I’ll make sure to verify my account! And thanks for the pull requests! I haven’t had time to go over them just yet, but I will do so today or tomorrow.

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