We, users, make DUMB mistakes! :) - I accidentally UNINSTALLED Brave@Android so what happens with "Ads received" on that (lost) instance?


  1. My Brave instance was connected to the verified Uphold account
  2. I had (let’s round it up to) 200 ads displayed, in the “Ads received this month” section
  3. I did NOT save my chrome://rewards-internals/ data, because payouts worked perfectly for months (when you’re connected to the Uphold & verified yourself/KYC there.)

Now, I’m wondering What will happen on
Next payment date (Dec 8) - will my 200 ads be deposited to Uphold or lost forever ?
:sos: [One of you dear Brave folks - @Mattches @rossmoody @Aa-ron @alex or @steeven — surely knows an exact, ACCURATE answer to that.]

Of course, I immediately installed Brave back and connected it again to the (verified) Uphold wallet. But since it’s a new instance, the wallet is also new and my ad counter started from zero.

I DON’T MIND LOSING 200 ads AT ALL (that’s around 1.5 BAT, $1.5 currently.), it’s my fault after all, but this is an interesting situation to debate:

:cyclone: USER/human MISTAKES! :slight_smile:

  • EVERYONE can make a mistake and uninstall Brave. I did it because my Launcher (Nova Prime) offers a plethora of options for long tap including “single click uninstall”. One morning without drinking my coffee fully is enough to get my Brave VANISHED. /with a SINGLE wrong TAP. :slight_smile:

So, the essence of my question is -

If user A (me) connects Brave (wallet) to the (verified!) Uphold account AND receives some ads (XYZ) AND in some moment deletes that instance -

Will XYZ be transferred (as a payout, on the Next payment date) to the Uphold next month OR not ?

If the answer is: NO - I think it’s worth improving that. Because accidents DO happen. TO everyone, not just me.


PS. Interestingly, that “old” /deleted Brave instance is still showing up in my Sync chain, with the same name (phone model) as my new Brave installation on the same phone. Maybe my “Ads received this month” number is also remembered somewhere in the “Brave cloud” and will be paid out ?

Hi @Marco,
Sorry you lost your BAT. We can’t recover from un-installing.
The pending BAT gets transferred to wallet during payout period. If you uninstall Brave before payouts, unfortunately the pending BAT is lost.


Thanks for the explanation, Aaron.

No difficulty at all. I anticipated that result, just needed confirmation.

Maybe it’s something that can be tweaked… but I presume it’s not worth the dev-time since it happens rarely.

I definitely need my :coffee: and wake-up bf browsing, :joy:

Side Question:
I hope that you guys (officials) don’t mind being tagged when a certain Brave browser feature is involved.

Not here, NOT this (losing pending bat) - but: generally. I did it again - just because it relates to the (previously available! :heart:) ‘enable-immersive-fullscreen’ flag.

I dunno how 2 use Github & make recommendations there. :frowning:

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