We need a Brave account that can work accross different devices (to preserve bookmarks)

I just found out that all my bookmarks from years of using Brave in another computer are gone… I bought a new computer; I formatted my old computer. I thought I would just have to login with my old Google/Brave credentials and I would recover my bookmarks, but oh no… They are all gone.

Please, consider a way to let us login accross devices to preserve our bookmarks. I know the sync thing, but that is something most of us do not expect “to be a thing”… until it’s too late…

So basically you’re saying no to something which already exists and you want them to add the same thing in the future?

You can also Export bookmarks and store them elsewhere. Then you can import them into the new browser. I do this so no matter if I’m using chrome or brave I always have my links.

and you want the old school restoration from WEB 3 product? I remember I used to do that like 10 -12 years back, every browser has an registration option except the one that needed the most. So, are we really stepping into the future?