We can't continue to offer you an account

I’ve been using my uphold account linked to my brave browser since a year. There was no problem with it . But when I opened my uphold account this month in the hope of receiving my BATs in it. I’ve got to see that a message saying " we can’t continue to offer you an account "
I’ve gone through many threads in community and found that users who are about to create a new account are getting this message.
But what the heck has happened to my account it’s been verified an year ago I’ve been using it since a year still I got to see same message as users creating new account.
Please reply to my thread who so ever have faced the same issue or got a solution for the same.

Thank you.

Is your country supported by Uphold and Brave?
Check supported countries here

Did you complete the KYC?

You may need to contact Uphold support to get more information.

I’m from India and uphold is supported for Indian citizens. Moreover I’m a account holding on uphold since a year made many transactions, trades too .

But suddenly all of a sudden this happened to my account for no reason.

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