Way to cache tabs on Android

How do I pin a tab on Android so that it doesn’t reload the next time I navigate to it? I frequently want to load a page while I have wifi, and KEEP IT IN MEMORY specifically so that it will still be handy later when data is spotty - e.g. bringing up event tickets before checking in at a crowded event where the bandwidth is saturated. This shouldn’t be that hard, but I can’t figure out how to do it.

Hello @lupis42, thank you for reaching us out, at the moment this feature is only available on the desktop version, what you can do instead is leaving those tabs open so despite closing the browser they will be there but will load the content again.

If this does not fulfill your expectations, you can leave us a suggestion to see if we can implement it in the browser soon, please see: User voting in Feature Requests now available (please read).


That doesn’t work - consistently, even though the browser isn’t closed and the tab isn’t closed, I find that any time I switch tabs or switch apps, the tab auto reloads when I return to it. This should not be that complicated to implement, just cache them to local storage so that when I am trying to have, e.g. event tickets up in advance(anticipating spotty network) and I need to lock the phone, the tickets don’t then try to reload. This has cost me several minutes in line more than once.

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