Watch Later not functioning right



Hello fellow Braves!

This is a problem, I only have (and have had) with Brave.
Here and there, when reaching for “watch later” it redirects to the video instead of (surprise) adding to the watch later-list, and it is really starting to p*ss me off.



This is an extremely annoying issue, and I really want it fixed.


Hi @KetaKongen

Can you provide details as per About the Help Me category


cc @Mattches


Hi @LaurenWags !

Here it is:

  • Brave v0.23.79
  • Windows 10 v17134.165
  • Ad control; Show Brave Ads, Cookie Control; Block 3rd Party Cookies, Fingerprint Protection; Block all fingerprinting, HTTPS-Everywhere; ON, Block Phishing / Malware; ON - blocking scripts is off
  • Go to, be logged in, watch video after video, and use the “Watch Later” function
  • | Password: braveisawesome



Hi @KetaKongen

Thanks for the video - I’m not seeing this behavior. Let’s see if @mattches can reproduce on Windows (I’m on macOS).



I actually can reproduce this…kind of? It looks like the "selectable " part of the checkbox elements are a little hard to hit.I’m not sure if they’ve always been this way though.


Hi @LaurenWags,

It’s hard to reproduce, since it doesn’t happen page after page.
It comes out of the blue, and usually disappears after it happens and turn to the next page/video.

You’re welcome,


Hi @Mattches :slight_smile:

Probably. It’s those “out of the blue” type of problem, where the hover-over message where “Watch Later” pops out, is not there. The arrow just changes to a pointing hand.