Wasted space near address bar


I’m trying to reduce the wasted space at the top of the screen. The bookmarks bar is fine, and the address bar is fine. The problem is that they are on different rows and waste a colossal amount of space that way.

Does anybody know how to edit the layout so that both occupy the same row?


I’m not aware of anything like that, although there is a “wide URL bar” toggle in Settings > Advanced. Doesn’t really save space but rather fills the empty space if that makes you feel any better.


Hi @GaWd

We don’t currently have a way to do that, however we do have a request logged to make the UI customizable which can be tracked at the link below:




Just as another data point, in firefox I like to move all my toolbar buttons (including back, forward etc) up to the menu bar to leave more space for the address bar… would be nice if any future UI customisation allowed this as well.