Washed Colors on mobile

The colors are washed. Whenever I watch a video online, as the video starts or an online player opens, the colors of the video become washed out.

Let’s say I want to watch an anime on animixplay.to. Everytime i start the video the colors are washed and when I press the full screen button, for a fraction of a second, I can see the normal colors of the video.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. I’ve found online that the solution might be turning off hardware acceleration, but that’s only on PC.

I just tried my Samsung Galaxy on animixplay on my brave browser and it played fine so I don’t think it is the browser. I’m only on an A31 but it really shouldn’t make a difference in my book then again I’m not a tech just my opinion. Hopefully someone knows a lot more than me.

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