Was about to relaunch brave to update to 18.27 on Mac, won't open now


seems to be fixed in v0.18.29 ! That’s good, I guess this will teach me not to tick the box for ‘preview’ release channel!


I’m experiencing a similar problem on Mac OS 10.12.6. When I try to launch Brave, the application starts but no windows appear (just the top menu bar w/no options but the name of the application). I noticed before this started happening that my bookmarks weren’t saving, maybe related? I was originally on 0.18.29 and then tried 0.18.32. Both have this same behavior.


  • Nick


same issue here - Sierra 10.12.6, about a week or two ago brave got glitchy and crashed on me, ever since I’ve been trying many different builds and they all install, but when you open, you just get ‘Brave’ in the title and the option to quit. command-n doesn’t open any window.


Are you guys still having any issues?