WARNING: Uphold holds crypto hostage

Hello Brave users, I wanted to share a very real and serious problem with Uphold. Uphold does not “allow” (not supported) moving cryptocurrency to external wallets from many of the cryptocurrencies it shows it supports. DOGE coin is one of them. I learned this the hard way. You CAN convert your BAT to other cryptos, but not all the cryptos on their website can be sent to external wallets. Nowhere is it mentioned on their website that they do not support sending funds to external wallets. So, if you decide one day to cash out your BAT rewards to another crypto, you must only convert it to Bitcoin or Ethereum, both allow you then send those to your respective BTC or ETH wallets. DOGE coin you cannot.
So basically Uphold is holding all my DOGE crypto hostage because I can’t send it anywhere, unless I convert it to BTC or ETH and incur more transaction fees.


@anthonycrawford I can give you a smart idea. But your external wallet must support DASH. So whatever crypto you have like BTC / ETH or anything, convert it to DASH via Uphold. Then send it to your external wallet from Uphold using the DASH network. Because network fee is incredibly too low as compared to other cryptocurrencies. After receiving your DASH in your external wallet, convert it into your preferred cryptocurrency.

we can send DASH to external wallets through Uphold ?

Have you tried their old interface accessible on either laptop or pc?

It utilized cards.

It is still accessible and far more robust regarding wallets

I do not know how long it will be.

Really though, this is a Brave issue.

They don’t need Uphold–they just thought they did.

Brave Rewards is like a X company or X credit card rewards program, except you do not know what your balance will be, and you get no reasoning to the amount you receive.

They pulled the reward amounts attached to ads from the ad tracker.

They award on the 5th, yet flush your browser ad data on the first.

They payout 70% to users.

200 ad views + nets you ~2 BAT.

So that’s .01 BAT per ad.

Average legit cpms on Adwords $1-2.

They no longer have to pay iOS users.

They’ve got quite a deliberate mess.

I can tell you I have converted BAT to XRP and sent the XRP to an external wallet on a few occasions with no problem. Well, some problems trying to figure out how to initially do it because Uphold isn’t intuitive at all.

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@harsh_sharma Yes actually.

I recently just withdraw all my BAT to Binance using the XRP network (fees were incredibly low). It arrived on Binance as XRP, once sold I can then repurchase BAT or any other crypto. DASH is also an option, I will check that out for next time, but I know in general the XRP fees are really cheap.