Wanting To Clean Install Operating System

Hi everyone, I was just curious if you guys can help me so I’m wanting to Clean install My laptop and PC Tower My PC Tower is my main Station as my laptop I use at night.

1st I’m going to clean install my laptop what do I need to do exactly to save my .current .bat, should I wait till after the 6th June as that’s the next payment then,
once I’ve clean installed my laptop.I will then do it to my tower I don’t want to lose the bat hence why I want to wait till the next payment.

Hey Darkside,

Do you have a verified Uphold account? If yes, then you will be able to save your BAT; All you have to do is reconnect the wallet to the new browser after you reinstall it.

Hi Adrian, thanks for replying yes I do have an uphold verified so I should wait till for the next payment is done and then do the clean install I’ve saved the Brave folder and then reinstall with the wallet code then once paid I can leave the chain and use same code as my tower?

I would recommend waiting until you get your payout. After that, you just need to login with your credentials and you’ll have your account information, BAT and all.

I would not recommend saving any of your folders, as there have been known issues with people thinking that saving the folders and copying them will give them back their BAT.

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