Want to unlink a BraveWallet from my UpHold account

I want to unlink a BraveWallet from my UpHold account because I have surpassed the limit of 4 linked wallets and I have no access to any of these BraveWallets.

I want to verify my Android phone wallet but first I need to remove 1 of the linked wallets.

Some admin or brave support that can help me?

I have unlinked my gemini wallet from Brave, but still cannot link a new device. Also, there are 2 devices where my gemini wallet is linked to Brave that I have no longer access to. I have unsynced them from my Brave browser, but they are still taking up 2 slots. Please advise.

Correction…I have unlinked the accounts on 2 devices…but not the 2 I don’t have access to anymore.

you can use this to reset 1 device Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches .

I tried, but they do not do anything :frowning:

More than likely the problem is, thousands upon thousands are requesting this so the wait times are weeks - a month. Brave is supposedly working to entirely remove these limits, however, it was supposed to be sometime this month so not sure if it is still going to happen or if it has been pushed back

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